Craft Project ~ Make Your Own Convenient All-in-One Tablecloth and Tote Bag


Outdoor table cloth and tote bag craft

I found this very easy and convenient craft project on how to make your very own all-in-one tablecloth and tote bag at the CanadianLiving website.  I’ve changed a few things to tweak the project but at the end, it’s a great idea and also would make a great gift as it is will assist in organizing everything you will need for a picnic as a tote bag and also unfolds into an outdoor tablecloth.

What You Will Need:

–   1 meter of cotton webbing (preferable to match your fabric)

–   2 meters of fabric (quilting cotton or home decor fabric seems to work the best)

–   Thread that matches the fabric

–   Rotary cutter, acrylic ruler and self healing cutting mat or scissors


What You Will Need to do:

1.   Prepare the webbing and fabric pieces by cutting the webbing in half to make two 50cm (20”) lengths.  Cut 33cm (13”) wide strip across one short edge of fabric.  From the strip, cut one 70 x 33cm (28 x 13”) rectangle.  Set fabric and scraps aside.

2.   To make the tote:  working with the 70 x 33cm rectangle and starting at one short end, turn a wide hem (about 2/5cm/1”) to wrong side of fabric, press and then pin.

3.   Measure 7.5 (3”) in from each side, pin ends of one length of webbing in place, matching ends of webbing with the bottom of the fold.

4.   Edgestitch along top and bottom edges of fold, securing the webbing.

5.   Repeat with other piece of webbing and opposite end of strip.

6.   Fold strip in half, right sides facing, while aligning hemmed edges and webbing straps, pin along long the edges.  Using a 1cm (1/2”) seam allowance, stitch sides together and then set aside for now.

7.   To make the tablecloth:  working with the remaining large piece of fabric, turn wide hem (approximately 2.5cm/1”) to the wrong side and press – pin on three sides (two long sides and one short side).  Centre the tote bag along the remaining short side of the tablecloth, aligning the bottom edge of the bag with fold.  [Tablecloth and tote bag should have wrong sides together] – pin.  Edgestitch around all sides of tablecloth.

8.   To stow tablecloth:  take a look as we fold the tablecloth and turn into a tote.  Fold tablecloth in thirds, right sides together.  Fold again in quarters [picture A below], ending with tablecloth underneath tote bag [picture B below].  Turn inside out and go!







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