Printable Coupons for Scott Towels for Canadian and US Residents

US Residents,


Print a coupon to save $1.25 off two 8 packs or larger or one 16 pack or larger of Scott 1000 Bath Tissue


Just click this LINK.

~ OR ~
Canadian Residents,
Print a coupon to receive $1.00 off any one Scott Towels Long Lasting Roll, Mega Roll or Scott Naturals Paper Towels.
Just click this LINK.

Free Sample of Advil Night Time

Advil Nighttime Packshot


Click the link to order your free sample of Advil Night time.  This trial offer is available to Canadian residents in all provinces and territories, with the exception of Quebec.  Limited time offer, while supplies last. Limit 1 per household.  Keep in mind that these samples usually comes with a coupon.

Kijiji has Coupons

I just received an email indicating that Kijiji now has coupons!  This link will take you to the Calgary coupons; however, click your more cities to see what coupons are closest to you.  Very exciting!


Kijiji Coupons

Free Woolite Sample

Woolite is offering samples again!  Follow the link to order your sample of Woolite Extra Dark Care.  Make sure to go over right away as they go quickly.  Note that a coupon is usually enclosed in the package.

Woolite Extra Dark

Summer Coupon – $2.00 off Visine

Another coupon in time for summer, has a coupon for $2.00 off any Visine product.  Follow the link to get the coupon and relieve all your eye issues, especially with everything in the air at this time of year.

Coppertone Coupon Available for Canada

Just in time for the summer, has a coupon for $1.00 off Coppertone. Follow the link to get yours before they are gone. Note that it doesn’t say a specific size and at some places, you can get trial size bottles.

New Kellogg’s Cereal Coupons

Kellogg’s has issued the following new cereal coupons.  Follow the link to order your savings.

Save $1.50 — Mini-Wheats® Centres Mixed Berry Flavour Cereal
Save $1.50 - Mini-Wheats Centres Mixed Berry Flavour Cereal
Save $1.00 — Kellogg’s* Mini-Wheats* cereal
Save $1.00 - Kellogg's* Mini-Wheats* cereal
Save $1.00 — Kellogg’s* Rice Krispies* cereal
Save $1.00 - Kellogg's* Rice Krispies* cereal
Save $1.00 — Kellogg’s* Corn Flakes* cereal
Save $1.00 - Kellogg's* Corn Flakes* cereal
Save $1.00 — Kellogg’s* Raisin Bran* cereal
Save $1.00 - Kellogg's* Raisin Bran* cereal
Save $1.00 — Kellogg’s* Froot Loops* cereal
Save $1.00 - Kellogg's* Froot Loops* cereal
Save $1.00 — Kellogg’s* Frosted Flakes* cereal
Save $1.00 - Kellogg's* Frosted Flakes* cereal
Save $1.00 — Kellogg’s* Vector* Meal Replacement
Save $1.00 - Kellogg's* Vector* Meal Replacement
Save $1.00 — Kellogg’s* All-Bran* cereal
Save $1.00 - Kellogg's* All-Bran* cereal
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